sunblaze-blogger-pony said: Sorry if this is a stupid question but do you use paint tool sai (if you have gotten asked this before ignore me)

I use SAI and MS5 sometimes.

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Uhg I feel like I’ve been preparing for this for so long omg and it’s finally here dang. So yeah! This will be me at the con!

I’m gonna be at Dragon*Con in Atlanta all weekend!! I’m not going to vend, just going to cosplay. This is my line up for the weekend so if you’re going keep an eye out for me!

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quick kenny dood

quick kenny dood

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One of two Eli commissions I got! This ones for misterbeta !

One of two Eli commissions I got! This ones for

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My Little Sweetheart 3: Summer Break will be releasing this Sunday, the 24th of August, at 12pm, EST.

This art book features all your favorite girls enjoying fun in the sun for their summer break!

There are over 40 talented artists that have worked on this book:

  • Atryl 
  • Siden 
  • Lizombie 
  • Kloudmutt 
  • Maniac Paint
  • Derpii
  • Holivi
  • Spindles
  • Hinghoi
  • Ric-M
  • Click here to see the full artist lineup for MLS 3!

 Be sure to check in at Confidentially-Cute two days from now!

Questions? Check out our FAQ!

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hi guys work just ended for me so now im back to school and totally up for commissions again!!

anyways $6 is the base rate for these mspainties but depending on detail n junk it might be more? u can click the pictures for an idea of what constitutes a higher price

heres the text from under the pictures in order:

  1.  Full body stuff with backgrounds + crazy dang photoshop shading. most expensive option, // probably 9 or 10 buckaroonies
  2. full body minimal but with attention to detail (this one has extra detail + different line thicknesses). // a lil more expensive, probs $7
  3. a ref sheet kinda, can include more than one char but is totally like, freeflow. // 6 or 7 buckaroos if u opt for more figures like how theres 2 here
  4. cheapest option bc basically u give me the ref and i can go fuckin nuts with it B) 6 bucks bc its fun and no stress 4 me
  5. another fullbody thing with a small background and object junk. // 7 or 8 bucks 
  6. simple fullbody with minimal shading and cute background widgets :3 // 6 or 7 dollaroos maybe
  7. also extra figures cost additional dollars

idk what i will and wont do so if ur unsure just message me !! im willing to try weird armor or hard probs or smthn. maybe nsfw

so yeah paypal only contact me here or @

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I don’t usually post this early but I really like how this came out and I don’t want to wait. Saeko for silver-sickle ! (。♥‿♥。)

I don’t usually post this early but I really like how this came out and I don’t want to wait. Saeko for silver-sickle ! (。♥‿♥。)

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Quick shoutout sketches to these two friggin awesome OCs from two friggin awesome artists interacting with my other 2 OCs!

The 2 intimidating sports girls on the top are Elena from my VN Project, and (I don’t think she’s revealed their names yet) from Raito1’s Baseball Girlfriends project! Which I have full faith in her and her success in the making of this project!! WOO GOOD LUCK GIRL!!

And the two at teh bottom is none other than the fabulous Mona from spittfireart’s blog and Wolf from my Silver Moon album covers! I know we don’t talk often Amanda, but you seriously are one hell of an artist. And with and OC that awesome, fanart is bound to happen at some point in time!

Yay! senpai appreciation post! Thank you for showering my dash with beautiful art!

!! Oh wowowow she looks so cute thank you ; v ;

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Commission for parapet-cloud ! *sparkle sparkle*

Commission for parapet-cloud ! *sparkle sparkle*

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